Decorator Policy

Rules & Regulations
The Berglund Center requests your compliance with the following rules and regulations:
  1. Arrangements and approval of decorator move-in dates and times must be made with the Berglund Center in advance of the event day.
  2. All exhibitor booths and tents must be set in compliance with fire codes. No passageways, doorways, or elevator entryways may be blocked. A distance of no less than 4 feet must be maintained allowing access to areas of entry or exit. This also includes entryways to the kitchen, other inside doorways, and exits. Please contact the Berglund Center for further information and assistance when planning your event.
  3. It is imperative that our facility receives your exhibitor booth floor plan and all electrical requests no less than ten working days prior to the move-in of the event. This will allow our electricians time to prepare and obtain all cords and equipment needed to accommodate your requests.
  4. The Berglund Center shall not be responsible for the load-in of freight from Exhibit/Trade Show events. A representative of the company designated by the promoter to handle this must be on hand upon move-in to accept freight deliveries. Freight deliveries made prior to move-in day must be held at an alternate location arranged by the promoter or representative of the decorating company until load-in day.
  5. Forklifts may be rented from the Berglund Center or from an outside source. Advanced notice of forklift rentals is required to ensure availability. Forklifts are operated by certified union personnel at prevailing I.A.T.S.E. labor rates.