Guest Guidelines

Accessible Parking
Accessible Parking is located in the front of the Berglund Center in Parking Lot B. Upon entering the lot, display proper identification (DMV placards / mirror tags or license plate tags) for direction to the reserved spaces. A parking lot diagram is available online.
Anyone parking in an Accessible Space without a proper permit will be fined by City of Roanoke police and the vehicle will be subject to towing. Parking Lot Staff patrols frequently to help prevent fraudulent parking.


Limited seating for guests with disabilities is available on the concourse level and in the box seats of the Coliseum. A lift is located on the southeast concourse for access to the arena floor.

Berglund Performing Arts Theatre

Limited seating for guests with disabilities is also available in the Berglund Performing Arts Theatre on Row R. Enter the Theatre from either Portals 11 or 12.


Animals are not permitted in the Berglund Center except for guide, sign, and signal dogs to aide guests with disabilities.

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, glass or metal containers of any kind may not be brought into the facility. Any such items will be confiscated.

Assisted Listening Devices

The Phonic Ear Assisted Listening Device System (ALD) is available for use by guests of the Berglund Center and is functional in the Coliseum and the Performing Arts Theatre. This service is provided for guests to enhance the quality of their listening and entertainment experience.

Guests requesting the use of an Assisted Listening Device for an upcoming event should contact the Event Services Department or call the Ticket Office at 540.853.LIVE (5483). Guests should be prepared to provide a driver’s license or credit card to be held until the event’s end. Guests requiring a signer/interpreter must submit their request no later than two weeks prior to event date.

Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs)

ATM machines are located in the Ticket Office Lobby, between Gates 1 and 12, and at Gate 4 of the Coliseum, and in the SEC and BPAT lobbies.

Camera Policy

Cameras with professional lenses (detachable and greater than 2" long) and flash attachments are prohibited from the Berglund Center. Permission to use small, point-and-shoot cameras varies by event and this information. Broadway In Roanoke performances do not allow cameras. Audio and video recording devices are not permitted.

Family Restrooms

Family Restrooms with a Baby Changing Station and Nursing Area are located by Gate 2 in the Coliseum, and on the north and south sides of the Special Events Center. Baby changing stations are provided in the Women's Restrooms throughout the facility.

Firearms & Weapons

No persons are permitted to bring illegal firearms, illegally concealed firearms or weapons of any kind into Berglund Center. Law enforcement officials who are present in a non-working function and are armed should be brought to the attention of the Manager-on-Duty or the Event Manager and will be required to show identification. Anyone with an illegal firearm, an illegally concealed firearm, or any other type of weapon may be reported to authorities and the said item(s) will either be confiscated or the owner will be instructed to return the item(s) to their vehicle. All items, including coats and small bags such as purses and diaper bags, are subject to inspection. Clients and Promoters of events at Berglund Center may reserve the right, as part of their license agreements with the City of Roanoke, to prohibit the possession of all firearms and weapons of any kind at their events. If such Client or Promoter of events includes such provision in its license agreement, Berglund Center staff will enforce such restrictions in accordance with the terms of the license agreement.

First Aid

The First Aid station is located on the north concourse of the coliseum between Gates 8 and 9. Emergency medical personnel is on site during most major and multiple events for guests in need of assistance. In addition to basic first aid treatment, an AED (automatic external defibrillator) is located in the administrative office located on the south concourse between Gates 3 and 4.

Intoxicated Guests

Intoxicated guests will not be admitted into the Berglund Center at any time. Intoxicated guests are subject to ejection from the event. Persons denied entry into the facility will be offered a full refund from Berglund Center Ticket Office.

Lost Children

Anyone finding a lost child at a Coliseum event should immediately escort the child to Guest Services between Gates 3 and 4. A brief description of the child will be circulated to security and Event Services staff. A public address announcement may be made if the incident occurs during an event. See Tag-A-Kid information below.

Lost & Found

Any items found before, during, and after an event should be turned in to the administrative office. Items will be held for 30 days.

Noise Makers & Laser Pointers

Noise makers (horns, whistles, etc.) and laser pointers of any kind are not allowed in the Berglund Center at any time. These items are subject to confiscation.

Public & Educational Tours

Public and educational tours are welcomed! We would love the opportunity to show you and your group our facility and help you plan your next event. Our staff will share with you about their specific areas of responsibility and provide you with interesting information that will give a better understanding of event planning and performance from the venue perspective. Please call 540-853-2241 to schedule your tour today!


The Berglund Center does not allow re-entry into the facility. Individuals with an admission ticket who enter the facility for an event and then leave the Berglund Center are not allowed back in after initial admission. This rule does not apply to guests using the smoking area.

Reservation of Equipment

The Event Services Department will be glad to assist meeting your event needs by reserving special equipment for you, such as sound & lighting, CO2, etc.


The Berglund Center is a smoke-free facility. Smoking is not permitted in public areas of the Coliseum, Performing Arts Theatre, Berglund Hall or Special Events Center. Guests wishing to smoke must use designated smoking areas outside the building. Designated areas are as follows:
  • Gate 4 (on the south side of the building) on the Plaza
  • Gate 9 on the north side
Performing Arts Theatre
  • On the veranda of the Mezzanine Level
Exhibit Hall
  • Steps at front entrance
Special Events Center
  • Outside Coliseum Gate 4, on the Plaza.


Tailgating on Berglund Center property is strictly prohibited.


As a special service to our guests with children, we now offer the Tag-A-Kid program. Guests can acquire special wristbands from the ticket office prior to the event. Wristbands will be marked to identify seating locations where parents / guardians might be found if a child is lost. This service is free.