Group Sales FAQs

Group Sales FAQs

1. What is a Group?

10 to 20 or more (dependent on the event) friends and neighbors, business associates, members of a church, bowling league, alumni group, condo residents, teachers, firefighters, police officers or EMS workers, doctors and nurses, sports fans, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, sales teams, drinking buddies, classmates, soul mates, joggers, vegans, trekies, or just 10 to 20 or more people who get together and want to see really good entertainment at a discounted rate.

2. Group Savings?

By bringing together 10 or more of your co-workers or friends (or any of the above!) your group will receive special discounts and best available seating on selected events.

Your group will receive information on shows in advance of the public. This gives your group an opportunity to purchase seats before they go on-sale to the public.

4. How to Book Your Group?

Simply give the Group Sales Department a call for dates, times and prices of the event your group is interested in and our Group Sales staff will personally help you plan a group outing, provide the best available seating , help you get the appropriate seats for your group and save you money. By buying group tickets, you do not have to pay service charges per ticket.

5. Personal Service?

Our Group Sales staff has vast experience working with groups like yours and they’ll personally see to it that your visit to Berglund Center is the best that it can be.

6. Additional Amenities?

Treat your group to an extra special evening at the Berglund Center in one of our private areas. Our private areas can hold up to 200+ persons and can be fully catered by our exclusive on-site caterer, Spectra Food Services.

7. How to Contact Us?

Berglund Center has it all, top family entertainment, great food, ample parking, safe secure environment, all in our newly renovated facility. If you haven’t been to Berglund Center, give us a call, we’d love to show you are around. Contact us by phone at 540-853-5382 or email us.

8. When Should we Arrive for the Show/Event?

 We recommend you allow for traffic, parking and any unexpected delays you may encounter so try to arrive at least one hour prior to showtime.

9. What is the Deadline for Ordering Group Tickets?

Varies from show to show.  Typically one to two weeks before the show.

10. How do we Pay for our Group Ticket Order?

Visa, Master Card and American Express are accepted. Checks must be made payable to "Berglund Center" and must arrive one month before the show or event to allow time for processing. Any cash or in-person payments MUST be scheduled in advance with your Group Sales Representative.

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    Sponsorship and Group Sales Manager
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