Confirmation of Dates & Required Materials
Upon confirmation of a date(s), the Berglund Center will prepare the license agreement. The original and one copy indicating the portion of the Berglund Center to be leased, details of the event, and a cover letter detailing instructions will be mailed to the event sponsor. From the date of the cover letter, the Berglund Center will continue holding the date(s) without a properly executed license agreement for 14 days. If the properly executed license agreement is not returned within this time limit, the Berglund Center may contract with other parties for the use of the space on the same date(s) without notification to the potential lessee. The original as well as the copy must be signed and returned to the Berglund Center along with the required deposit. The Berglund Center Director will then sign and return the fully executed copy to the licensee.

Time Constraints
The properly executed license agreement, deposits and insurance certificate must be in the office of the Berglund Center Director 14 working days prior to the event or the Berglund Center reserves the unqualified right to cancel the events. Persons booking events less than 7 days out must provide the aforementioned materials upon booking the date.

Ticket Sales
Tickets for events will not go on sale until the license agreement has been properly executed and deposits received at the Berglund Center.